Crew Education and Training

KEYMAX MARITIME has offices in both Manila and Tianjin which conduct crew education and training in cooperation with, respectively, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, the largest crewing agency in the Philippines, and Tianjin Ocean Shipping Company, a member China's COSCO Group.

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation's "Magsaysay Training Center" and Tianjin Ocean Shipping Company's "Tianjin Mariner School" -- both equipped with advanced educational aids (including a bridge simulator) -- provide crew with instruction ranging from basic training to officer training in all necessary skills, producing professionals for a wide range of marine tasks.
Further more, KEYMAX MARITIME has own training centers, "KEYMAX MARITIME Training" (KMT) in Manila and "KEYMAX-Tianjin Training Center" (KTTC) in Tianjin to train the existing crew. The purpose of the continuous training is to improve the quality of their skills on par with the current industrial needs.
The planning of the training programs is based on the "Educational Needs" of the moment. Through frequent visitations to the vessels, monitoring the effectiveness of the trainings and feedback received from our clients, KEYMAX MARITIME identifies the areas of improvements needed by the crew and reflects them into the training programs.

The KEYMAX Training Scheme
In recent years there has been a global rise of interest in safety at sea; this has led to the signing of the STCW convention, and it is now necessary for seamen to satisfy strict qualification and training requirements and obtain proper certification.

In response to these changes, KEYMAX MARITIME, together with the Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, established the Magsaysay Training Center Tanza School, which conducts various safety training courses required by the STCW convention, such as survival techniques, fire fighting and first aid. We instruct seafarers and assist them in meeting these requirements. With the cooperation of the Magsaysay Training Center Times Plaza School, a 15 classroom school with a bridge simulator and a GMDSS simulator, we provide seafarers with the opportunity to acquire skills to meet regulatory requirements and enhance their knowledge.

Pre-boarding briefings are another type of crew education required by the ISM Code.

Our offices in Manila and Tianjin give classes in which full-time lecturers conduct ISM code-based pre-boarding briefings employing an original curriculum that instructs seafarers on their life and work onboard.

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